Share Files, Chat And Download Torrent Files With Firefox: AllPeers

AllPeers is an open source Firefox extension that enables you to collaborate and share files and download Torrent files right inside your browser.


When you install AllPeers, and complete the free and fast registration in order to use the full service, AllPeers will completely integrate with your browser: you can choose whether you want it to display as a sidebar or toolbar.


Here are the features:

  • Instant Messaging: By clicking add a contact and typing an AllPeers username, you can add all of your friends to your contact list, and have real-time chats with them.
  • allpeers_chat_window.gif
  • Drag&Drop File Sharing: Any type of file like videos, music, pictures but even web pages can be shared using this drag and drop sharing feature. Just right click on a name from your contact list, and start adding files or links into the box, and the file will immediately begin to be shared with your friend, who will need to be online to start the transfer, which can also be monitored from a specific page.
  • allpeers_sharefile.gif
  • Torrent Files: Yes! AllPeers can also be used to download Torrent files. When you download a torrent file, a new voice in the download box will appear and it will allow you to download the file using AllPeers. You can also specify the downloading folder and some other options from the Properties menu.
  • allpeers_torrent.gif

In my opinion AllPeers is not so immediate to understand and work out, but with a little bit of practice, it will surely become a great collaboration tool for anyone out there.

AllPeers is free to download and use.


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