Firefox 4 Beta Hands On

Twitter: Site: Download Firefox 4 Beta 1 In this video I give you a hands on with Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1. Firefox 4 brings with it some major improvements over Firefox 3.6 including a totally reworked interface with full support for Windows 7 including deep integration with Aero Glass as well as Aero Peek. The tabs are now on top of the browser, similar to Opera and Chrome which makes Firefox look much more streamlined. If you like however you can very simply rearrange things to look similar to the outgoing Firefox. Speed is another improvement. In my brief testing Firefox 4 was somewhat faster than Firefox 3.6.6 but still lagged behind Safari 5, Chrome 5 and Opera 10.6. However in real world browsing I found that Firefox 4 felt considerably faster than its predecessor and much closer to the competition than the numbers would make it seem.

Firefox 4 Beta 10 Adds Stability

Download Firefox 4 Beta 10

Firefox 4 Beta 10 has been released by Mozilla.  This update, on the heels of the Beta 9 release, really only brings more stability to an already amazing new browser interface.  The official release notes as far as changes go have been pretty sparse, but it seems stability is the big update this time around.

Here is the official word from Mozilla themselves:

This release continues our work to improve performance and stability in Firefox 4 Beta by including improved memory usage, remote blacklisting for hardware acceleration and better Flash support for Mac OS X users.

How Do You to Upgrade to Firefox 4 Beta 10?

You can go download the new beta to try it for yourself or if you are already using Firefox 4 Beta 9, click on the Firefox button, then go to Help > About Firefox to get the update.

Notice any other big changes? Let me know!  Also, be sure to keep giving Mozilla feedback through the Feedback button in the Firefox 4 interface.

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Is Out!

Yesterday IE9 Beta was released. Browserland tried it for you and I found it really awesome, a quantum leap over older versions.

The IE9 beta is downloadable from this link: Internet Explorer 9 Beta Download and it’s avaible in a lot of languages.

The new IE9 beta supports HTML5, Css3, SVG 2, and a new Javascript engine anmed “chakra” (resulted one of the best Javascript engines on the market).
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Google Chrome Extensions Beta

Google Chrome extensions are a great way to add more features and functionality to the browser. Sometimes, a feature is really useful for some people, but not for everyone. Extensions let you customize Google Chrome with features you like, while keeping your browser free of clutter that you don’t use.

That’s how Google itself describes its new extensions search engine, which all of us were waiting for, and that already features more than 1000 entries.
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